MCC Peer Network:

MCC has designed a program that pairs students so they can effectively prepare for the recruitment and interview process at consulting firms. This dynamic program enables students to exchange their case cracking experience by practicing together, resulting in better preparation for the interview.

 MCC will pair students based on the following criteria to ensure the best fit for all parties involved: field of studies, availabilities, minimum hours committed, strengths/weaknesses.

Peer-to-Peer will have a bi-weekly rotational structure to maximize benefits from a diversified pool of applicants. To ensure a full commitment on behalf of students, we will expect everyone to fill out a very short survey to rate partners participation after each two-week pairing. Dedicated individuals may have the opportunity to practice with real consultants.

Lastly, feedback is essential for individual development, therefore, we encourage students to share their constructive criticism with their peers after each case cracking and to MCC members regarding the program.

Interested? Check out our pre-requisites and criteria for pairing below

 Prerequisite checklist:

  • Knowledge of frameworks and business concepts: Recommended resources: Vocaprep, Case in Point, Ace the case, Victor Chang

  • Minimum availability per week: 3 hours total - 45 minutes per case

  • Form:Fill out this form

Criteria for Pairing:

  • Availabilities

  • Minimum hours committed weekly

  • Field of studies

  • Strengths & Weaknesses. Examples: mental math/ market sizing/ problem structuring/ human capital cases/ interacting with the interviewer/ asking relevant questions.